LOS ANGELES — Beginning this fall, the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering will offer its Master’s of Science degree in environmental engineering completely online, via its Distance Education Network (DEN).

"We are very pleased to have this opportunity to expand the availability of the program," said Joe Devinny, a professor in the Viterbi School’s Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. "Environmental issues continue to be of primary importance to government and industry, and our Master’s program will be an excellent opportunity for engineers to develop the needed skills without taking lots of time off work."

The program includes courses in water pollution control, air pollution control, hazardous waste management, and energy issues. It is designed for engineers dealing with environmental matters at engineering consulting companies, in large companies that encounter environmental issues, and in government environmental agencies. The environmental engineering began at USC in 1970.

"As sustainability and environmental issues are increasingly global priorities, it is now more important than ever that this degree be made available through DEN," said Kelly Goulis, associate dean of Master’s and Professional Programs at the Viterbi School.

Goulis said that the program would allow fully employed engineers to advance their careers and enhance their skills by earning this M.S. degree part time. Because this program is offered entirely online, students can take courses from anywhere in the country without having to attend class on the USC campus in Los Angeles.

“We hope this new degree program will benefit engineers involved in solving sustainability and environmental challenges,” said Goulis. "We believe that the flexible instruction system that USC’s distance education program [DEN] provides is ideally suited to respond to this need."

More information is available online at http://mapp.usc.edu.