SAN FRANCISCO — A URS-led joint venture with Copenhagen-based COWI has been selected by the Panama Canal Authority to determine how and where to provide a vehicular crossing — a tunnel or bridge — across the expanded canal on its Atlantic side.

The new crossing is one of the mitigation measures for the $5.2 billion Panama Canal Expansion Project. URS performed the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed expansion and provided support through the permitting process to final approval in 2007.

The expansion, which is expected to be completed by 2014, will permit the passage of larger ships and promises to change global trade. For example, each of the U.S. Gulf and East Coast ports is evaluating its infrastructure to compete for shipping in the New Panamax era.

In addition to performing a wide range of services for the Panama Canal Expansion, URS also has participated in some of the largest and most complex environmental and engineering projects in Panama, including Environmental Impact Studies for the Panama-Colón Highway and for the Southern Corridor, the design of the Borinquen Dams and development of the Metropolitan Plan for the cities of Panama and Colón.

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