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Elements of Fabric Structures

Elements of Fabric Structures

To the consumer, buildings are a singular item – with all the materials plus construction purchased as a unit. To the engineer, it can be helpful to break the building down to the components and then assemble them – carefully considering each element of the building individually and as part of the whole.

This webinar is for the engineer. The elements of a fabric structure – including the frame, cladding and foundation – will be examined in depth. Attendees will leave with concrete knowledge of fabric structures and the engineering principles behind these modern buildings.

You will learn:

  • The materials used in fabric structure construction
  • Architectural features available for fabric buildings
  • Factors that determine the quality and longevity of a fabric building
  • Comparisons between engineered fabric buildings and engineered metal buildings
  • How fabric structures are used for a variety of large-scale applications


Nathan Stobbe is General Manager of Legacy Building Solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in the fabric structure industry and has made significant contributions, including as a member of the original committee for developing CSA S367, the guideline for pre-engineered membrane structures, and as co-founder of the Membrane Structures Manufacturers Association. He also holds several patents for fabric structure construction. As General Manager, Nathan leads Legacy’s growth through innovation and vision.

Eric Donnay is Legacy’s Vice President of Sales. He has over a decade of experience in customer service and sales plus over 13 years of commercial construction experience. In his role at Legacy, Eric manages sales staff and processes and works to find creative solutions to customer requirements.

Dwayne Moench is the Senior Structural Engineer for Legacy Building Solutions. Licensed in 28 states and five provinces, Dwayne oversees the engineering department where he is vested with the responsibility of providing engineering analysis, technical expertise, detailing, customization and retrofitting of fabric membrane structures.

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