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Unseen Art: A Labyrinth Weir System Protecting Priceless Art

Unseen Art: A Labyrinth Weir System<br> Protecting Priceless Art

Brent Massey, principal and VP of operations at CEI Engineering Associates Inc., talks about the challenges of designing and installing a labyrinth weir system beneath the north and south halls at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. This video, filmed at the CEI office and on location at the museum, covers four objectives related to hydrologic design, hydraulic structures, design geometry for labyrinth weirs, and firm management. Take the quiz after watching the video and earn one Professional Development Hour. This video was produced by Civil + Structural Engineer magazine, a division of Zweig Group.

In this webcast you will learn the following:

  • Identify the steps necessary to determine hydrologic design flows for critical projects.
  • Evaluate various hydraulic structures based on hydraulic performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance.
  • Understand the basic design geometry for labyrinth weirs.
  • Operating a successful firm post-recession.

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