New York — TTWiiN, the technology accelerator of Thornton Tomasetti, a global leader in engineering design of supertall buildings, introduced Hummingbird Kinetics, a solution for tuned mass damping in tall and supertall buildings.

As cities increase in density and more tall buildings are built, there is a need for a better solution to the challenge of wind-induced motion in large buildings. According to the company, Hummingbird Kinetics provides an affordable, compact, flexible and easy-to-maintain alternative to slosh tanks and pendulum dampers.

“With a smaller footprint than traditional dampers, the Hummingbird technology gives owners more usable space without sacrificing damping effectiveness,” said Elisabeth Malsch, the Thornton Tomasetti principal instrumental in working with NASA to adapt and advance technology for use in rockets.

The Hummingbird solution is a patented and competitively priced fluid harmonic damper (FHD) that can be distributed throughout a building, improving efficiency and giving more leasable space back to the building owner. Hummingbird Kinetics will premiere the new FHD at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat International Conference in Australia, October 30 to November 3.

“Technology to damp wind-induced sway in tall buildings has been around for about 50 years, and has improved incrementally,” said Hans Utz, CEO of Hummingbird Kinetics. “The Hummingbird approach offers building owners a leap in functionality and efficiency.”

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