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TrueNorth Steel Acquisition and Expansion

TrueNorth Steel Acquisition and Expansion

Creates Geographical Expansion into the Southwestern United States and Additional Fabrication Capacity to Service Existing Markets

WEST FARGO, N.D. /PRNewswire/ — TrueNorth Steel is a Fargo, ND based fabricator of structural steel materials utilized in wide range of applications from building structures to storage tanks, corrugated steel drainage products and bridges. The company has been executing a long-standing conservative growth strategy through organic growth and acquisitions since its inception in 1945.

The structural steel division of TrueNorth Steel fabricates steel used in commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects and their proven ability to execute on complex and high-profile projects has created sustained growth opportunities. To maintain their growth strategy, additional fabrication capacity was required. The solution to this need came in the form of acquiring a 300,000 square foot facility, in West Fargo, ND. In addition to providing expanded under-roof, controlled-climate fabrication area, the facility features enhanced fabrication and material-handling capabilities. This expansion will eventually create 40 new jobs in the area and will allow TrueNorth Steel to service a larger geography and customer base.

In addition to the aforementioned expansion in West Fargo, ND, TrueNorth Steel has announced the acquisition of the assets of Beck Steel located in Lubbock, TX. Beck Steel will operate as TrueNorth Steel. This acquisition will integrate exceedingly well with existing capabilities and provide TrueNorth Steel with the opportunity to expand its geographical reach into Texas and the rest of the southwestern United States. The Beck Steel facility adds 150,000 square foot of under-roof fabrication space as well as state-of–art fabrication and material-handling equipment. Many of the highly skilled employees and leadership from Beck Steel will continue after the acquisition, and TrueNorth Steel is very excited to witness the results of the merging of the two company’s strong and successful cultures.

“Our customers are looking for an experienced leader for steel products and services, an organization they can partner with to provide a turnkey construction solution they can rely on. With the acquisition of Beck Steel’s assets and real estate in Lubbock and the West Fargo facility, we’ll be able to better serve our customers across the country today and in the future,” said Dan Kadrmas, President TrueNorth Steel.