Houston, Texas, USA – Tranter have received and order for several NovusBloc® welded plate heat exchangers to a refinery expansion project in North America. The project was engineered and procured by an American based Global EPC-Contractor focusing on on-shore and off-shore oil & gas projects.

Tranter’s scope of supply includes a number of NovusBloc® welded plate heat exchangers in different sizes that will be made of both 254SMO and 316L SS materials, plus a single Superchanger® gasketed plate heat exchanger. Additionally, the plate heat exchangers will be installed inside the boundary limits of the main production process and thus handle flammable liquids and/or high temperature fluids.

The NovusBloc® welded plate heat exchanger comes with a patented plate design that provides state of the art weld quality and enhanced resistance against cyclic pressure and temperature process conditions while also minimizing unnecessary non-value adding pressure loss. The NovusBloc® is mechanically durable because mechanical stress is reduced with a proprietary design that creates uniform stress contours in the weld seams.

“Mechanical cleanability and safety were the key buyer choice criteria for the heat exchangers that would be designed to handle flammable liquids, and thus our NovusBloc® welded plate heat exchanger, which is accessible on both sides for mechanical cleaning, was the most value adding product we could propose that would satisfy these choice criteria. Other products, such as semi-welded plate heat exchangers, would have been cheaper but also a very unsafe choice of technology, which our client was not late to agree with as well” says Thomas Cassirer, Sales Manager Global Accounts