Pittsburgh Trans Associates, a regional transportation engineering firm, has undergone a rebranding effort and unveiled its corporate identity and website to support its growth initiatives with a fresh look.  The new website will seek to increase the firm’s online presence and to help communicate with current, as well as prospective clients.

The new logo is a bolder word mark that symbolizes the action and initiatives the firm is taking to grow, the firm said. 

“The way we represented ourselves with our old branding just didn’t do justice to our outstanding reputation and client experience,” says Jim Prisk, P.E., COO. “With our rebranding effort, we want to expand and encourage new clients to experience what our loyal clients have appreciated about us all along technical excellence, responsiveness, creative thinking and innovative approaches. Our engineers are multi-faceted problem solvers with a deep well of experience that benefits our clients. We are experiencing success by taking on unique challenges and we want to build upon that success.”

Trans Associates’ work with autonomous vehicle test track design is an example of this unique work.  Roadway engineering is typically designed for a specific fixed set of parameters in a set location.  A test track, on the other hand, must be changeable to mimic a variety of conditions.  Trans Associates designed a test track in Pittsburgh with an open, flexible layout that could accommodate variables such as unconventional intersections, roadway twists and turns, grading changes, pedestrian accommodations and signals.  The signal systems were also designed to be changeable in order to mimic various signal conditions found in the U.S. and internationally.  

Trans Associates believes that the rebrand and growth initiatives will also strengthen the collaboration among the transportation disciplines it offers and bring the full breadth of the firm’s capabilities to individual clients. The website tagline, “Small Firm Client Experience, Big Firm Capabilities,” conveys the message that although a project scope might be complicated, the client will have a single point of contact that is experienced, resourceful and responsive to their needs.

Visit www.transassociates.com to experience the new website.