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Toward safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Toward safety, efficiency, and sustainability

NYU Tandon School of Engineering establishes Institute of Design and Construction Innovations Hub

Committed to maximizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability within the construction sector, the New York University Tandon School of Engineering created the Institute of Design and Construction (IDC) Innovations Hub. The IDC Innovations Hub is chaired by Michael Horodniceanu, Ph.D., P.E., an internationally prominent transportation and construction executive, who is a professor within the Department of Urban and Civil Engineering.

An industry-supported, membership-based entity, the newly endowed center will promote innovation in construction, engineering design, and management. Member firms will leverage the Innovation Hub’s resources to improve efficiency, control costs, and help identify innovative solutions that emphasize sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and safety.

The Innovations Hub will apply faculty research capabilities and hands-on industry experience to help construction leaders overcome vexing issues that often trigger cost overruns and schedule delays. Assisted by a team of PhD and Masters-level students, the center will:

  • help industry executives devise creative solutions to sensitive project design and construction issues;
  • provide access to consultancy services from experienced and independent experts for specific projects;
  • sponsor in-depth informational seminars on topics ranging from organizational and leadership issues to best practices in the selection of materials and machinery;
  • support a range of training programs provided by academics and industry leaders;
  • promote networking opportunities among a wide spectrum of organizations spanning the construction sector, such as local, state, and federal government agencies; utilities, hospitals, airlines, manufacturers, and developers; architecture, engineering, and construction service providers; and labor organizations; and
  • serve as a national clearinghouse for sharing information on consulting and construction opportunities.

Information provided by the New York University Tandon School of Engineering (https://engineering.nyu.edu).