Livermore, Calif./Capelle a/d Ijssel, the Netherlands — Topcon Positioning Group announced a new addition to its myTopcon support and training site — new eLearning courses designed for online user-paced learning sessions.

“eLearning adds another level of depth to the engagement myTopcon offers industry professionals,” said Ron Oberlander, senior director of Professional Services. “It provides an interactive product and solution training structure with tests and certificates upon course completion — taking the myTopcon site to new heights as a resource. It all takes place at the pace and availability of the person learning.”

Entry-level courses will be offered at no charge for an introductory period including subject matter such as 3D-MC, MAGNET Enterprise, MAGNET Field, MAGNET Office, Pocket 3D and vertical construction concepts.

Oberlander said, “As the module develops, we will be adding more course availability as well as expand the subject matter for more advanced training. While in-person training sessions can never be replaced, these courses can also serve as prerequisites that bring learners to a higher starting point than was previously possible — helping to maximize the live, hands-on training time.”

The myTopcon site is designed to help industry professionals keep up-to-date with fast-paced technology changes.

“Regular training means businesses and employees don’t get left behind and they stay working at their best, both now and in the future — eLearning makes it easier and more convenient than ever before,” said Oberlander.

To access eLearning, log on to the myTopcon home page ( and click the “Training” icon.