TORONTO — The Artemis Project announced winners of the 2011 Artemis Project Top 50 at the H2Ontario Global Water Leadership Summit. One of the goals of the Summit is to address the promise of water tech as a new engine for economic growth.

“We are excited to partner on this landmark summit that will bring forth important economic development opportunities as the need for water tech grows,” said Laura Shenkar, The Artemis Project founder and principal. “The purpose of the Artemis Top 50 Awards ceremony is to support the most promising water tech companies as they go to market with their solutions.”

The Artemis Water Tech Top 50 highlights the most promising water technologies of 2011 and bring those companies’ CEOs from all over the world to Toronto, Canada. “Having the Artemis 50 companies participate in the Summit is extremely important as they represent the next generation of water innovators,” said David Henderson, honorary chair and managing director of XPV Capital Corporation.

Eligible companies must have completed product development and have annual revenues of less than $25 million. “Over the past two years, we have developed a review process that gets to the essence of a company’s value and their potential going forward,” Shenkar said. “With our analysis we are able to predict what water technologies will matter most in the next few years.”

The competition brings together leading experts in the water industry to evaluate the water technology solutions, its value in application, and the companies’ core team. Judges for 2011 include: Paul Gagliardo, American Water; Rengarajan Ramesh, Angstroms; Andrew Salveson, Carollo Engineers; Steven Kloos, GE Water & Process Technologies; John Simpson, General Services Administration; Peter Williams, IBM Green Innovations; Jean Debroux, Kennedy Jenks; Chris Morrison, Nalco; Paul O’Callaghan, O2 Environmental; Peleg Chevion, Syngenta; Finn Nielsen and Bill Wescott, Veolia. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists and engineers also will participate in judging companies.

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