Friedberg, greater Munich – voxeljet AG (NASDAQ: VJET), a leading global technology company for industrial 3D printing solutions, has sold another VX4000 system, one of the largest 3D printers, to Tooling & Equipment International (TEI). TEI is an expert for highly complex castings in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

TEI is one of the largest users of 3D sand printing in the US and runs a fully equipped aluminum foundry in Livonia, Michigan. The engineering expert decided to invest in the second VX4000 3D printer to further expand its already existing capacities for additive manufacturing and quickly and economically realize technically demanding projects for prototyping inquiries as well as production orders. The 3D printer will be installed at TEI’s Livonia facility in Livonia, Michigan.

VX4000 installation at Tooling & Equipment International in Livonia, Michigan

“At our facility we cover the full workflow, from printing to casting to heat treatment and machining.” says Oliver Johnson, president of TEI. “With the second VX4000 in house, we are able to further capitalize on the advantages 3D sand printing has to offer to metal casting. By eliminating the need for tooling and thanks to the large build volume of the 3D printer we can reduce delivery times drastically, which in turn greatly benefits our customers, whether it’s the automotive or aerospace industry. In addition to that, we can produce parts that cannot be made conventionally, such as light-weight components and topology optimized parts.”

With a build envelope of 4 x 2 x 1 meters, the VX4000 from voxeljet is one of the world’s largest 3D sand printers for metal casting applications and can be used for the production of single, very large sand molds or several smaller molds with production quality.

Michael Dougherty, Managing Director at voxeljet America Inc. adds: “When it comes to castings for industries with very high standards, such as the aerospace or automotive industry, the VX4000 is the perfect tool to meet the requirements for dimensional stability and accuracy and still be able to produce the parts needed as fast as possible. We are very proud to support TEI’s growth in additive manufacturing technologies and see the potential of this technology develop further.”