As Hong Kong based T&M Specialists nears 10 years of providing services to the global Tunnelling and Mining industries, they continue to strengthen their international foothold by announcing the formation of T&M Specialists Canada; with other international offices comprising of T&M UK and T&M International based in Australia. 
T&M Canada provides contracting services to the mining & tunnelling industries including EFNARC certified shotcrete specialists’ throughout North America and have already amassed a long list of successfully completed projects in the region. These include: 
John Hart, Campbell River, BC 
T&M Specialists were engaged by Normet Canada in 2015 to provide EFNARC Shotcrete Specialists to train & certify local Nozzlemen to EFNARC Standards. 
East Side Access Metro, NYC
T&M Specialists were engaged by Normet USA to provide Shotcrete Specialists to Train & Certify local Nozzlemen in usage of the state of the art, Normet 8100 Spraymecs, which is equipment designed to apply shotcrete using Robotic Systems. During this project T&M also helped to demonstrate and apply the shotcrete during a 6 month period of being onsite. 
Elko, Nevada 
T&M Specialists were hired by Normet USA to provide EFNARC Shotcrete Specialists to Train & Certify Local Nozzlemen working in the mines to EFNARC Standards. 
PRHP, Fort St John, BC 
T&M Specialists were engaged by Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP) in 2018 to provide EFNARC Certified Shotcrete Specialists to oversee all shotcrete operation onsite. This included Training & Certifying Local Nozzlemen with EFNARC shotcrete standards and continually monitoring their progress, working closely with the QA/QC team and providing Monthly Reports as well as signing off on all Daily Shotcrete Reports, re-created the previous format to help capture all the aspects in both Underground & Above Ground Applications & Troubleshoot any issues which were encountered. In addition to supplying shotcrete Specialist and Shotcrete Supervision, T&M also provided a Tunnel Manager, Tunnel Superintendents and Roadheader Operators for the Tunnel Excavation & Tunnel Lining works. T&M Specialist continue to supply Shotcrete Specialist and Supervision today at PRHP for the extraction tunnels and slope stabilization. 
T&M Specialists, headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Australia, the UK and now in Canada, has built a reputation for successful projects around the world. The company is focused on Tunneling, Civil Construction, Geotechnical Investigation, and Manpower Services. T&M Specialists differentiates itself by only employing specialised professionals and highly skilled workers delivering best practice throughout their operations. Lead by an experienced management team and an industry leading board of advisors, T&M Specialists has proven to be a trusted and reliable employer and business partner.
For more information regarding T&M Specialist Canada Ltd., please contact Steve Archer, President, at or call 1 416 522 9432. Please visit our website at