The Assembly Show 2019 will host over 315 exhibitors over three days, along with educational seminars on the newest technology in assembly equipment. Through live demonstrations, visitors can witness the potential of new launches in assembly technology, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

TM Robotics’ demonstrations include the THE400 SCARA robot, one of the latest additions to Toshiba Machine’s extensive SCARA range. The machine will work in tandem with the TVL700 6-axis robot, showing the easy integration with a vision system for both conveyor tracking and inspection.

Also exhibiting is ASG Jergens, another TM Robotics partner which established a partnership with the company in 2017. At booth 323 of the Assembly Show 2019, ASG will demonstrate exactly how Toshiba Machine’s SCARA and Cartesian robots can be used to automate screwing and feeding applications. This includes demonstrations of the TH180, TH650A SCARA robots and an example of Toshiba Machine’s Cartesian offering.

“From booth 551, TM Robotics and Precise Automation will demonstrate how easy it is to integrate vision systems for both conveyor tracking and inspection applications.” said Nigel Smith, president of TM Robotics. “The solution enables system integrators to easily automate bulk picking, perfect for industries such as food preparation, pharmaceutical and order fulfilment. We would recommend any systems integrators or end users interested in this combination to arrange an appointment with our team at the show.”

Visitors can register their attendance to the Assembly Show 2019 in advance. Tickets can be acquired on the Assembly Show website, where you can also find the agenda for the day’s interactive workshops.

To find out more about TM Robotics, or to contact the team in advance of the event, please e-mail or call the headquarters on (847)-709-7308.