San Antonio, Texas.—Tindall Corporation’s Texas Division produced the precast concrete parking garage for Frost Tower, San Antonio’s newest downtown tower construction since 1989. The structure, located at 111 W. Houston Street, is now open and provides 998 new parking spaces in the heart of downtown.

“Tindall has been a fantastic partner on the Frost Tower project,” said Alex Skotnicki, project executive at Clark Construction Group, LLC. “From design to erection, Tindall proactively developed solutions to our challenges and collaborated to execute the work as a team.”

Tindall’s six and a half-level parking structure was designed to complement the modern finishes of Frost Tower’s striking 24-floor octagonal architecture. Tindall utilized precast stair towers and transfer beams to ensure structural soundness above the ground level that contains a restaurant and retail space.

The garage totals around 440,00 square feet, about 280,000 square feet of which is integrated with the cast-in-place structure. Frost Tower is home to ample office spaces, a fitness center and tenant lounge all conveniently located along the San Pedro Creek at the intersection of Camaron and West Travis streets.

Tindall completed this project with the general contractor, Clark Construction Group, LLC, and architects Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and Kendall Heaton Associates, Inc. Frost Tower parking garage production began in December 2017. Weston Urban and KDC joint ventured to develop the project. The total precast design provided efficiencies in scheduling, cost, and aesthetic versatility.