New York — Thornton Tomasetti’s 2017 Sustainability Report — Envisioning an Enduring Organization — details the firm’s ongoing efforts “to become an enduring organization and one of the most sustainable firms in the industry.”

The report shares the firm’s goals and targets for environmental, social and financial sustainability; reviews progress made towards sustainability goals; and outlines projects and programs aimed at creating a stimulating, welcoming and inclusive workplace and a more sustainable world.

Some highlights from the report include:

Reduce electricity emissions from office operations by at least 8 percent to return to pre-2016 levels. Thornton Tomasetti reached its 2018 target of realizing an average per-employee footprint of 4.0 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) two years ahead of schedule and predicted that it would continue along this path. As the company continues to expand into new locations, it is still firmly on track to meet and surpass this target when offsets are included.

In fact, 2017 saw significant reductions in electricity emissions from office operations, the largest contributor to the firm’s carbon footprint. It beat last year’s target of reducing electricity emissions by 8 percent, achieving its lowest per capita numbers since the baseline year of 2013. Thornton Tomasetti had also predicted a per capita electricity footprint of no more than 1.25 metric tons of CO2 by 2017. In actuality, the firm reduced it to 0.97 metric tons, down from 1.36 the previous year – a 29 percent decrease – attributable in part to the purchase of green power in a number of its offices.

Increase the diversity of hires for technical staff positions by 10 percent and decrease the attrition rate of diverse employees by 10 percent. Last year, as part of its recently launched firm-wide Inclusion and Diversity, Innovation and Design [(I+D)2 ] initiative, Thornton Tomasetti announced its first targets for diversity of hires and attrition among diverse employees. The firm reported progress toward these first-year goals, and developed plans to ensure future success.

In 2017, Thornton Tomasetti increased the diversity of its hires by 72 percent compared to the previous year – from 85 to 147 hires. Attrition rate for diverse employees, including women and employees from nonwhite ethnic backgrounds, has hovered around 7 to 8 percent over the past two years. The firm said it will continue to increase the diversity of its hires and make every effort to ensure that diverse employees enjoy long, rewarding, productive careers at Thornton Tomasetti. To this end, it is revising hiring approaches, updating onboarding guidelines and formulating strategies for retention and career advancement.

Increase the number of employees who provide service to their local communities through the company’s volunteer benefit to 20 percent. Each year, Thornton Tomasetti employees take an active role in giving back to their communities through the company’s volunteer benefit program. In 2017, 18 percent of its staff logged 1,588 volunteer hours, contributing to causes and organizations that matter to them and to the industry. Though the firm fell two points short of its 20 percent target, it expressed confidence that the launch of the TT Gives Back community-service umbrella program will help meet and exceed it by next year.

This initiative, which offers employees such volunteer opportunities as ACE mentorship, volunteer days and international service, doubles the hours of paid time available for volunteerism from eight to 16. As part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to helping and supporting the communities where employees live and work, this program aims to foster a culture of volunteerism in all its offices while also providing team- and skill-building opportunities for its professionals.

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