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The Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship is now live to deliver an awesome training opportunity

The Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship is now live to deliver an awesome training opportunity

The Level 3 Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship standard is now officially live. Ross Moloney, CEO of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association said: “We are incredibly excited that this awesome training opportunity is now available. I would encourage the lifting industry and LEEA members in particular to get in touch with me at ross.moloney@leeaint.com to explore the significant benefits offered by the apprenticeship. Innovative ways to make sure its delivery is engaging and offers value to employers are now being developed. LEEA will be delighted to support employers and providers as they look to deliver truly demand led training.”

The much needed and long awaited training opportunity for the Lifting Industry is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work, particularly from the Trailblazer group led by Kat Moss, who will be able to observe the take up as LEEA’s new Chair.

The apprenticeship’s many benefits were highlighted during a LEEA-hosted webinar in December 2021, which can be watched via an online stream at: leeaint.com/presentation/apprenticeship-webinar-december-2021. During this thorough overview, Kat Moss explains what is included in the new apprenticeship standard. Simon Arnold of City of Bristol College describes how the standard may be delivered and how providers can support students and employers. Sunbelt Rentals relates its experience and is joined by the company’s own apprentice, Lewis Behai, winner of ‘Outstanding Apprentice’ at the recent LEEA Awards 2021, who provides a powerful personal testimony of how he came to do an apprenticeship, the experience he has gained and achievements that have shaped his development. The webinar concludes with the employer experience of William Hackett Lifting Products.

The Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship is available across the whole of England and its details are listed at the Institute for Apprenticeships website here: www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/lifting-equipment-technician. With this being a new standard training providers will be in the process of developing its delivery.  City of Bristol College is the first training institution to engage and LEEA is also working with an End Point Assessment (EPA) organisation to ensure that apprentices get the best possible support throughout their course.

The apprenticeship has funding in England but the framework can be applied globally. It is being looked at in Australia and New Zealand and Ross Moloney has written to the Scottish Government to discuss how to take the apprenticeship forward there.

Ross Moloney said: “There are many reasons why you should get involved with the apprenticeship: it works for employers, recruits, the industry and for LEEA because we want our industry to be professionalised. We will work with our partners to make sure delivery and assessment of the Lifting Equipment Technician apprenticeship is best in class. With the City of Bristol College, the target is to enrol the first set of apprentices in April 2022, for a May start. LEEA members should contact me directly for more information.”

For further information and to sign up, contact ross.moloney@leeaint.com.
More information about the apprenticeship can be found here: www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/lifting-equipment-technician