DUBLIN, Ohio—Verdantas, a private-equity-backed solution provider of engineering, planning, and science services to support their clients’ sustainability, resiliency, and strategic infrastructure objectives, announced today that it had acquired Southern California-based Leighton, a well-respected company known for its technical expertise and deep knowledge of the geo-environmental conditions in the region. This addition to Verdantas significantly strengthens its western US presence and brings added depth to their geologic, geotechnical and materials capabilities.  

“Leighton joining Verdantas marks a strategic inflection point in our ability to expand our service offerings to clients and extend our geographic reach,” said Gerry Salontai, CEO of Verdantas, “We are thrilled to have Leighton and their reputation of bringing the best and brightest people to each of their client’s projects. This commitment to excellent work for clients and Leighton’s efforts to capitalize on a collaborative environment fits well into Verdantas’ intentional people-focused approach.”   

Jesse Kropelnicki, COO of Verdantas, commented, “Leighton and Verdantas bring very similar views of the future, of company culture, and on how we support people—all key aspects of why this transaction was such an easy decision to make and why it brings significant optimism of future success for our employees and clients.” 

Leighton CEO Sudhir Damle says: “Working together at Leighton, we’ve created a business and culture that has positioned us well to take the next step in our evolution bringing opportunities for and investments in our Leighton people. Joining Verdantas will allow us to capitalize on our reputation with clients and deepen our relationships as we bring new capabilities and innovative solutions to our client’s complex projects.” 

Chris Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at RTC Partners, said, “We are delighted to have the Leighton Group join Verdantas. A new western US presence and an enriched mix of services align with Verdantas’ focus on strategic growth, and represents a win for clients, employees, and increased shareholder value.”