HOUSTON – The Texas chapter of the American Public Works Association recognized two projects by civil engineering firm Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) as Public Works Project of the Year. The awards for these projects were presented at the chapter’s annual conference in Austin on June 7th.

“The awards are a testament to the dedication of our engineers who worked tirelessly on these projects,” said Wayne Swafford, P.E, LAN’s president. “I am incredibly proud of them.”

The first project – Houston Emergency Water Supply Shutdown – was recognized under the disaster or emergency construction/repair category. In January 2018, LAN, working with the City of Houston and Coastal Water Authority (CWA), performed an emergency leak repair on CWA’s 102-inch prestressed concrete cylinder pipe line known as the “C-line.” The line feeds almost two-thirds of Houston’s total water demand. Thanks to the exceptional planning between the City of Houston, CWA and LAN, the line was isolated for inspection and repair and the leak was fixed in just five days. As a result, the City of Houston was able to maintain a safe, reliable water service to its 3 million customers during the outage.

Rehabilitation of City of Houston’s Above-Grade Crossings

The second project – Rehabilitation of Above-Grade Crossings – was presented under the structures category. As part of the City of Houston’s Surface Water Transmission Program, LAN conducted a field assessment and provided recommendations for the rehabilitation of 21 large diameter crossings. This effort included coating 14 large diameter above-grade crossings ranging in diameter from 24-inches to 60-inches. Despite several challenges, including age of the crossings (the oldest crossing was over 60 years old), accessibility, surface preparation, and presence of lead, LAN’s efforts helped complete the recoating of the 14 large-diameter above-grade crossings, thereby extending their life.