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Texas Central reveals interior layout of the Texas High-Speed Train

Texas Central reveals interior layout of the Texas High-Speed Train

Air vs. Economy: The Texas High-Speed Train cars feature 2x2 and 2x1 seating only with NO MIDDLE SEAT. This gives passengers nearly a foot more legroom than most coach airline seats, ensuring the most comfortable ride possible.

With teams of engineers working on the Texas High-Speed Train every day, Texas Central is excited to honor their work by sharing new details about the train for the very first time – and it’s a game changer.

Just in time for Engineers Week (Feb. 16-22), Texas Central can now share new insights on the seating configuration and interior layout of the new Shinkansen N700S train that will connect North Texas and Houston in just 90 minutes, with one stop in the Brazos Valley.

Interior features onboard the train cars include:

  • Two configurations:  2/2 and 2/1 seat configuration (no middle seat ever!)
  • High-speed wi-fi: multi-point Integrated high-speed wi-fi connectivity to provide the fastest, most reliable wireless connection of any train in the world
  • The ability to configure some of the 8-cars to “quiet cars” with restrictions on cell phone usage
  • Trains will feature variable lighting to accommodate individual passengers
  • Full access for all: the train will meet or exceed all ADA specifications

First-class comfort, with even more space:

  • WIDE aisles: 32” (wider than a regional jet)
  • Ample space: 32” of legroom and 41” seat pitch (nearly a foot of total added space compared to flying first-class)
  • All seats recline, optimized to offer best recline without disturbing the passenger in rear
  • A great view from any seat: 20×20.5” windows (twice the width of airplane windows)
  • No seatbelts – a ride so smooth you can balance a coin on its edge!