Texas adopts BIM for state projects
AUSTIN – The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC), the agency within the State of Texas that oversees the state’s real estate development as owner and operator of state facilities, announced last month its adoption of building information modeling (BIM) for state design and construction projects. For more than a year, the Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) division within TFC has worked diligently to standardize the use of BIM for its future projects. FDC is responsible for overseeing the design and construction of state facilities throughout Texas. Currently, FDC manages 125 projects valued at more than $500 million, in addition to maintaining the Facilities Master Plan. In an effort to promote workflow efficiency, streamline productivity, and increase the return on investment for the State of Texas, FDC has adopted and encourages the use of BIM’s digital design technology.

As a part of the adoption of BIM, TFC recognizes that the private sector will be looking to it for guidance and a clear definition of what BIM means to the state. To that end, the FDC has developed a clear set of standards and guidelines that all private sector partners will have access to prior to any involvement in a state project. Along with the guidelines, FDC has created an interoperable BIM template that all private sector partners will have made available to them for any State project. More about TFC’s adoption of BIM can be found on their website at www.tfc.state.tx.us

The State of Texas leads the way in BIM adoption and implementation, providing support, education and best practice standards to other state and local agencies that are also in varying stages of BIM adoption.

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