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TestEquity now an authorized distributor for Pico Technology

TestEquity now an authorized distributor for Pico Technology

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TestEquity, the industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies, announced that it will now offer products from Pico Technology.

Pico Technology pioneered the first PC-based oscilloscopes and remains an international leader in PC-based test and measurement equipment for a wide range of applications including research, data acquisition, electronic design and development, communications, defense, vehicle diagnostics and more.

“Test and Measurement engineers already love Pico Technology—especially in education and research and the automotive sector,” said Scott Cave, TestEquity Director of T&M Product Management. “We’re happy to recommend their products to our customers.”

“TestEquity offers the product expertise we look for in a distribution partner,” said Bob Baker, Sales & Distribution Manager at Pico Technology. “Their commitment to service after the sale matches our own commitments of technical support and updates for the full lifetime of our products.”

Pico Technology products include five distinct families of PC-based instruments, each with specific capabilities to address an ever-growing list of applications:

  • Data Loggers
  • Real-Time Oscilloscopes, Sampling Oscilloscopes, and Sampler Extended Real Time Oscilloscopes (SXRTOs)
  • Vector Network Analyzers
  • Pulse / Signal Generators
  • Probes & Accessories

About TestEquity LLC

TestEquity, including Jensen Tools and Techni-Tool, is the industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies. Including the design of a full line of the industry’s highest-quality environmental test chambers, TestEquity offers the most test solutions, tools, toolkits and supplies to help design and manufacture electronics supporting the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries. Serving electronic design and test engineers as well as maintenance technicians, industrial manufacturing assembly, and the telecommunication repair community, the distributor features products from over 1,000 manufacturer brands. For more information, visit www.testequity.com.

About Pico Technology

Pico Technology has spent over 30 years leading the industry in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance PC Oscilloscopes and Data Loggers. During that time we have built up an impressive portfolio of products and high-integrity measurement technology including the PicoScope PC Oscilloscope range with bandwidths up to 20 GHz, resolutions up to 16 bits, flexible-resolution and mixed-signal models; Temperature Data Loggers; and the multi-award-winning Automotive Oscilloscope Kit.

Pico Technology prides itself on offering innovative, high-quality and affordable alternatives to traditional bench-top test and measurement equipment, designed and built under the ISO9001:2008 quality system. We support a network of distributors in over 60 countries worldwide who are helping to build and maintain our enviable reputation in the industry.

More information on Pico Technology can be found at: www.picotech.com.