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TestEquity Expands Selection of Senasys Switching Products

TestEquity Expands Selection of Senasys Switching Products

TestEquity, the electronics industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies, announced that they will expand their selection of Senasys switches, sensors, and industrial controls.

“Senasys manufactures the products that ultimately determine whether or not a design works,” said Scott Maclin, VP Product Management at TestEquity. “Our customers depend on reliable control switches and sensors.”

“Our products are used throughout a wide range of industries including commercial, HVAC, medical equipment, food industry, agriculture, plumbing, and industrial, in environments from (-40° F to 650° F),” said Marissa Staves, Customer Service Manager at Senasys. “We excel at helping OEMs using small to large volume of devices solve switch problems related to temperature, pressure/vacuum and more. A majority of Senasys brands are manufactured right here in the USA.”

Senasys products include:

  • Thermostats and temperature control switches
  • Capillary thermostatic switches
  • Pressure and vacuum switches
  • Oiltight and multilight controls
  • Contact blocks
  • Photosensors
  • Iso-Tip Soldering Irons
  • Foot Pedals
  • Air Actuators

For more details, visit TestEquity.com.