SpectraPave wins 2021 Constructech Top Products Award; launches online and mobile app

(Alpharetta, GA) – For years, engineers, contractors and owners around the world have depended on Tensar’s SpectraPave software as a tool to design optimal pavement and gravel sections for a variety of subgrade support conditions. The new generation of this industry-leading software was specially redesigned to accommodate the collaborative, online needs of today’s civil and geosynthetic engineers.

SpectraPave has become even more powerful with its migration to the cloud, giving customers more convenient access to this valuable tool across multiple devices. The free, browser-based SpectraPave solution incorporates the benefits of Tensar geogrids into industry accepted design methodologies, based on rigorous full-scale testing. The new SpectraPave app remains the only geosynthetic pavement design software to have undergone a comprehensive, 3rd party review by pavement engineering experts. It also allows users to easily compare several design alternatives, including non-Tensar options.  The output screen provides a high-level summary of the design alternatives for the user to make their decision and explain the choice to their client.

“Due to Covid, many of our civil engineer customers are working from home for the foreseeable future, which makes collaboration on complex construction projects a challenge,” said Tensar Product Manager Joe Heintz, P.E.  “We have implemented features to make sharing designs easy, so users can better collaborate with each other and with us. This includes things like asking Tensar to quickly peer review their design or printing high quality graphics for a client presentation.”

This month, SpectraPave was awarded the 2021 Constructech Top Products award as a top technology innovation product in the construction industry. “SpectraPave Online provides specification generation, along with educational resources to help users make informed decisions. For engineering and construction professionals looking to easily compare several design alternatives…The concept product takes everything into consideration including lifecycle cost, time savings, and sustainability,” wrote Peggy Smedley, Editorial Director of Constructech magazine – a highly-regarded publication for senior A/E/C industry executives covering the convergence of construction and technology.

Exclusively available online, the software calculates total value of the solution and compares to conventional construction alternatives. “Value is based not only on performance vs. initial construction cost, but also life cycle cost, time savings, and sustainability. Specification generation and educational resources are additional features implemented within SpectraPave that help users make more informed decisions.”


About Tensar 

Tensar International help engineers, contractors and owners use geogrid to achieve more cost-effective, reliable solutions for soil stabilization, earth reinforcement, and other site development challenges. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tensar is a manufacturer of proven geosynthetic products and full provider of engineering services. Backed by extensive research and thoroughly tested, Tensar’s world-renowned geogrid products have set the industry standard.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tensar International is the inventor of the geogrid. The company’s many geosynthetic materials and software products are backed by extensive research, and its team of highly qualified engineers and scientists deliver design and construction support for projects across the world. Tensar helps engineers, contractors and owners use geogrid to achieve more cost-effective, reliable solutions for pavement construction, soil stabilization, earth reinforcement, and other site development challenges.

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About Constructech Top Products Award 

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