TenCate Geosynthetics North America has developed a patented, woven geosynthetic for soil stabilization and base course reinforcement applications when differential settlement occurs due to heaving in the subgrade soils.

TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri is a wicking geosynthetic created from high-tenacity polypropylene filaments and patented wicking filaments formed into an innovative weave to provide superior reinforcement strength and soil interaction integrated with high soil retention and wicking capabilities. Brett Odgers, Market Manager, Roadway Reinforcement at TenCate Geosynthetics North America comments: "The exciting aspect about TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri is that it provides a geosynthetic solution in applications of subgrade heaving where traditionally geosynthetics have not performed well".

Higher tensile modulus

TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri woven geosynthetic contains special, proprietary hydrophilic and hygroscopic yarn that provides wicking action through the plane of the geosynthetic while maintaining higher tensile modulus properties than the current stabilization products. This patented, woven geosynthetic has a double layer construction which provides an excellent separation factor with superior filtration and drainage. Uniform openings provide consistent filtration and flow characteristics of a fine to coarse sand layer.