Tamayouz Excellence Award invites architects and designers to submit their ideas for a Rehabilitation Centre for Terrorism Victims in Iraq.

Tamayouz Excellence Award invites architects and designers to  submit  their  ideas  for  a  Rehabilitation  Centre  for  Terrorism  Victims in Iraq. 

Dubai – Dewan Architects + Engineers, has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s booming  architectural  design  sector  for  almost  four  decades.  The  multi-award-winning  firm  boasts  world-class talents as architects, engineers, designers, planners, builders, makers, thinkers, and  visionaries. Dewan not only raises the bar for design across the region but they are also keen to  encourage and empower young architects from around the world while responding to design  challenges with the launch of this year’s architecture competition. 

The Dewan Award for Architecture 2022 

Mohamed Al Assam, the founder and chairman of Dewan, was involved with the Tamayouz  Excellence Award for many years as both an avid supporter, member of the Advisory Board  and jury member for various competitions. The Tamayouz Excellence Award is a collection  of  awards that  celebrate  the  best  architecture  worldwide  and  the  achievements  of  individuals who have made significant contributions to humanity. Today, Dewan leverages  its corporate social responsibility initiatives with ‘The Dewan Award’, founded to empower  young architects worldwide and provide crucial guidance to excel in the industry. The young  architects  and  designers  also  gain  unrivalled  knowledge  in  real  project  scenarios  and  experiences  at  Dewan  Architects  +  Engineers. The  coveted  first  prize  is  fully  paid  employment at Dewan for six months and extendable to one year. Ammar Al Assam, CEO of  Dewan  Architects,  understands  the  importance  of  championing  different  backgrounds,  cultures, visions and experiences.   

The  eponymous  Dewan  Award  for  Architecture  is  an  annual  open-ideas  architectural  competition.  The  newest  award  is  introduced  as  part  of  the  Tamayouz  Excellence Award programme  that  champions  and  celebrates  the  best  architecture  in  Iraq  and  worldwide. The exciting international award  focuses on designs  that respond  to  the local  challenges in  Iraq. Submissions highlight  the country’s  trials and provide dialogue and an  uncompromising open source of ideas tackling social issues. Dewan will present the designs  to the responsible authorities. 

Award Objectives 

Architects, students, engineers, and designers can participate in the Dewan Award; they can  participate as individuals or as part of a multidisciplinary team.  Judges of the single-stage  competition will identify the most appropriate proposal that best translates and satisfies the  award’s objectives.

A Country in Turmoil 

Iraq remains fragile from years of violence, war and dictatorship. Successive governments  have  taken  measures  to  protect  their  citizens,  but  constant  challenges  make  for  slow  progress. The ongoing and protracted violence in Iraq continues relentlessly. It takes a heavy  toll  on  the  civilians,  subjecting  them  to  senseless  injury  and  loss  of  life.  The  continued  violence affects the economy and social rights of the citizens.  

The turmoil has continued for decades, starting with the Iraq-Iran war between 1980 and  1988, the first Gulf War in 1990, and the American invasion in 2003. Subsequently, the Iraqis  have  endured  a  long  season  of  terrorist  attacks  by  sectarian  militant  groups.  The  consequences  have  created  an  environment  of  turmoil  lacking  human  rights  and  infrastructure fundamentals. 

It’s estimated that since 2003 the Iraqis have faced losses amounting to $335 billion relating  to  human  casualties,  disabilities  and  weapons  purchases.  In  November  2012,  the  Iraqi  government  issued  a  report  showing  that  there  were  239,133  wounded  Iraqis  due  to  terrorist attacks between 2004 and 2011.  

Many ordinary Iraqis continue to suffer from the deterioration of fundamental human rights,  injury,  death  and  destruction.  Although  the  number  of  terrorist  attacks  is  decreasing,  thousands of Iraqis are affected by injuries and mental and emotional trauma. The problem  is ongoing, so there is an urgent need for rehabilitation centres. 

Rehabilitation Centre for Terrorism Victims in Iraq 

The  Dewan  Award  for  Architecture  2022  and  the  Tamayouz  Excellence  Award  invites  architects  and  designers  to  submit  their  ideas  for  a  Rehabilitation  Centre  for  Terrorism  Victims in  Iraq. The rehabilitation centre should provide a safe and comfortable space  for  patients and have the facilities to support their health, psychological and physical needs. 

For each fatality in Iraq, there are around three injured innocent citizens. The humans that  survive the brutal attacks live irreparably damaged lives. There is an urgency for non-clinical  rehabilitation  centres  that  can  provide  the  appropriate  physical,  psychological  and  social  care so that they can begin to recover from their injuries.  

The centres are strictly for rehabilitation and not medical treatment. Specialists will work  positively with injured people allowing them to reach their full potential and help them form  coping mechanisms for the memories formed around the traumatic experiences. The centres  will help people develop their skills and confidence to rejoin society and the job market. Each  facility will contain indoor and outdoor spaces for social interaction, sporting activities and  learning.

The Site 

The award’s site is 50,337 square metres in the prestigious Zayouna area of Baghdad.  It’s  located on the Al-Rusafa side of the capital, with the Army Canal on its north side and the  Mohammed Al-Qassim Expressway on  the south. The area is considered wealthy, and  the  communities are home to senior officers of the Iraqi military. The Tuesday Central Market,  public  and  private  schools,  the  teacher’s  training  institute,  and  the  Al-Firdaws  family  swimming pool are within the residential community.  

Award Objectives 

The award submissions must include facilities for each of the five pillars of the rehabilitation  centre, health, safety and privacy, hope, psychological rehabilitation, training and capacity  building. 

Registration can be done here: 


More information on the competition and prizes: 


Competition Registration and Submission 

Registration and schedule for the Dewan Award is as follows; 

May 2022 – Competition launch and early registration 

1 October 2022 – Closing date for registrations and submissions 

October 2022 – Shortlist Announcement 

November 2022 – Announcement of results 

End of 2022 – Annual Tamayouz Excellence Award Ceremony 

All Deadlines are 11:59 pm GMT. 


* Dewan invites architects, students, engineers and designers to participate in this  competition. 

* Participation can be individual or team (maximum of six members per team). * Dewan encourages the participation of multidisciplinary teams. 


The Dewan Award 2022 has the following coveted prizes; 

First Prize

Six months employment at Dewan, renewable up to one year with a salary of AED10,000 per  month. If for any reason, employment cannot be achieve, a cash alternative of US$6,000 will  be presented. 

Second Prize 

US$3,000 plus a certificate of award. 

Third Prize 

US1,000 plus a certificate of award. 

Honourable Mentions 

Seven honourable mentions, a certificate of award and an invitation to the annual ceremony.  


Top 20 and top 50 acknowledgements on Dewan social media and website.  Judges Panel  

Highly commended judges  from around the world will arbitrate the awards.  It is a single stage competition to identify the most appropriate proposal that best satisfies the contest’s  general and specific objectives. 

Professor Jala Makhzoumi – Beirut – UNIT 44 

Professor Wendy Pullan – Cambridge – Cambridge University 

Professor Shaban Taha – Cairo – Shoubra University 

Nadia Habash – Ramallah – Head Engineering Association in Palestine

Dr Davide Ponzini – Milan – Politecnico di Milano 

Lucinda Anis – London – Kommune Studio 

Kathy Basheva – London – Studio Basheva 

Mohamed Al-Assam – Dubai – Founder of Dewan Architects and Engineers

Ahmed Al-Azzawi – Milton Keynes – Dewan Award coordinator of Tamayouz

Ahmed Al-Mallak – Founding Director – Tamayouz Excellence Award