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NJII and Maser Consulting employ UAVs for video inspections of Hurricane Harvey aftermath

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) Defense and Homeland Security Innovation Lab is working with Maser Consulting P.A. in conducting unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video inspection of cell towers in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Taking drone-based data to new heights

InfraDrone LLC launched its proprietary APA System designed to take the use of drones to new levels by equipping the drones with highly sophisticated cameras, imaging, and nondestructive evaluation technology and applying proprietary machine learning analytics to interpret the data effectively.

SSR Mining partners with Identified Technologies for drone services

Identified Technologies, provider of a commercial drone solution, entered into a partnership with SSR Mining Inc. whereby SSR is using Identified Technologies drone solution at its Marigold mine in Nevada.

Ground control points now available in 3DR Site Scan

3DR, makers of Site Scan, a drone data platform for engineering and construction, announced that ground control points (GCPs) are now available to be processed in Site Scan.

3DR integrates Site Scan with DJI, announces drone data solution

3D Robotics (3DR) announced that it is integrating Site Scan with DJI to make it compatible with DJI drones. 3DR also announced its Enterprise Atlas platform, a complete drone data solution.

LiDAR Mapping Forum issues call for papers

The 18th Annual International LiDAR Mapping Forum, taking place in Denver, Feb. 5-7, 2018, announced a Call for Papers

Guest blog: Portable Technology for Infrastructure

Drones and other portable technology such as robots can now aid engineers in addressing an infrastructure’s risk and making necessary repairs.

AEC TECH NEWS: HAZON Drone Management System adds safety and compliance features

HAZON Solutions launched the latest version of the HAZON Drone Management System (HAZON DMS), adding two new features — Lessons Learned and Incident Reporting.

AEC TECH NEWS: COPTRZ releases first UK drone market intelligence report

The surveying and emergency services sectors are set to be revolutionized by drone technology according to a newly released report.

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