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2021 Engineering Drone Video of the Year winner!

2021 Engineering Drone Video of the Year winner!

Civil + Structural Engineer Media is proud to announce Reid Hu’s “After the Mudslide” as the winner of the 2021 Engineering Drone Video of the Year competition.  After securing a spot in the final three through a record-setting round of public voting, “After the Mudslide” dazzled the panel of judges and was honored with the top prize.  In discussing the winning video, panelist Jean-Louis Weemaes, CEO and co-founder of Skyebase,  said the video was both “technically challenging” and featured “great storytelling”.

Another panelist, Caitlin Burke, an ecologist and drone pilot, cited the video’s technical prowess through a single shot take as well as its ability to inspire through creativity as reasons for awarding the video top prize.

IMEG Corp’s “Interstate 74 Bridge Corridor” was chosen as the second place winner, and Freese and Nichols’ “Bois d’Arc Lake Project” was chosen as the third place winner. All winners won varying prize packages from our contest sponsor SPH Engineering.

For a full accounting of the contest and selection results, stay tuned for the August issue of Civil +Structural Engineer Media.