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Groundwater Plume Analytics® Earns Top Product of the Year Award from Environment +...

Innovative tools developed by WSP USA experts are significantly reducing operating costs for water sampling, remediation and management techniques vs. traditional methods. NEW YORK— WSP...

Media Alert: Low-Level Flights to Image 3D Geology in Western Arkansas

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Arkansas Geological Survey (AGS) are partnering to image geology using airborne technology as part of the USGS Earth Mapping...

Washington Project Restores Water for Farmers

Excessive Pumping Created 200 Foot Fall of Region’s Vital Aquifer By Thomas Renner Residents of the United States are faced with a number of concerns, particularly...

Predicting the spread of invasive carp using river water flows

University of Missouri engineers are partnering with the U.S. Geological Survey to better understand how to stop invasive carp from damaging both the economy...

USGS Seeks Earthquake Hazards Research Proposals

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is soliciting project proposals for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 grants on earthquake hazards science and is authorized to award up to $7 million total.

The Oso (SR 530) Landslide in Washington — Five Years Later

The Oso landslide, also known as the SR 530 landslide, occurred in northwest Washington state on March 22, 2014, leading to devastating loss of life and destruction of property. Oso was emblematic of a worst-case landslide scenario. As such, U.S. Geological Survey scientists have identified it as a key geological-hydrological event that can help explain and inform our understanding of the potential effects of landslides in other settings.

Human Bacteria, Viruses from Sewage Found in Some Milwaukee Streams

Two types of human-associated bacteria and three types of human viruses were detected in Milwaukee streams within the Menomonee River watershed, according to a recent study led by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Coastal Modeling Helps Prioritize Planning and Mitigation Efforts Due to Rising Seas and Storms

New U.S. Geological Survey-led coastal modeling research presents state, federal, and commercial entities with varying storm and sea level-rise scenarios to assist with planning for future infrastructure and mitigation needs along the California coast.

DEP to work with USGS to study suspected leak from Catskill Aqueduct

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that it will work with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on a multi-year study to examine suspected leaks from a portion of the Catskill Aqueduct that runs several hundred feet below the Rondout Creek

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