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Groundwater Plume Analytics® Earns Top Product of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader

Groundwater Plume Analytics® Earns Top Product of the Year Award  from Environment + Energy Leader

Innovative tools developed by WSP USA experts are significantly reducing operating costs for water sampling, remediation and management techniques vs. traditional methods.

NEW YORK— WSP USA, one of the world’s leading environmental, engineering and professional services firms, received a Top Product of the Year Award in the Environment + Energy Leader Awards program for the firm’s Groundwater Plume Analytics® technology.

The tools were heralded by the program’s expert judges as a notable example of the exceptional work being done in the fields of environmental management.

“These tools are providing WSP clients with a more comprehensive way to assess groundwater contamination impacts and provide data in a way that is compelling, easier to understand, and help them better address the reality of their situation,” said Joe Ricker, senior technical principal at WSP USA, and one of the developers of the technology. “This allows them to better allocate remediation dollars directly to areas where the remediation is most needed … taking more of the guesswork out of their decisions.”

Nearly 165 million Americans rely on groundwater for drinking, and even more to irrigate their food, yet more than one in five groundwater samples contain at least one contaminant at concentrations of potential concern for human health, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

WSP’s Groundwater Plume Analytics tools address this challenge. They can provide forensics to determine contaminant sources, which are a key to successful clean-up operations for what can often become multi-million-dollar insurance or litigation cases. This product is also being used by governmental agencies and industry for meaningful impact at scale. Harnessing sophisticated diagnostics, they can reduce operating costs up to 70 percent vs. traditional water sampling, remediation and management techniques.

One awards judge said of Groundwater Plume Analytics, “It improves the overall process of monitoring plumes vs. individual wells to more efficiently target remediation solutions. Their product seems well suited to transform how groundwater monitoring is done.”

Another observed, “It also provides forensics to determine contaminant sources while translating complex numerical data sets into easy-to-understand graphics.”

“We are grateful for this recognition from Environment + Energy Leader of the impact the Groundwater Plume Analytics tool is having on the critical need to provide accurate data that ensures clients are pursuing remediation efforts that are more cost efficient and more effective,” Ricker said.

The Environment + Energy Leader Awards program recognizes excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, and in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line.

The award was presented to WSP USA during a program held July 19 during the publication’s Virtual Solutions Summit.

“With a very experienced and critical judging panel and a strict set of judging criteria, entrants faced an extremely high bar to qualify for an award in 2022” said Sarah Roberts, Environment + Energy Leader publisher.

About the Environment + Energy Leader Awards

For the past decade, the Environment + Energy Leader Awards have celebrated excellence in the world of environmental, sustainability and energy management. Award winners are truly buzz-worthy, and companies that sport a Top Project or Top Product of the Year Award badge are known to be the best of the best. When other companies are seeking a sustainability or energy management solution, they know that Environment + Energy Leader Product of the Year Award winners offer a significant group of products, vetted by experts, to peruse for help in making their decisions. Project of the Year Award winners are known to illustrate how sustainability and energy management projects can successfully help other companies improve the bottom line.


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