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Proper GPR surveying techniques

Tips and best practices for getting the most from investigations. By Brian Jones Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the most accurate non-destructive testing methods available....

Operating expenses

By Tyler Thompson Zweig Group recently issued its 2018 Operating Expenses Survey of AEC Firms. This publication covers operating and overhead expenses of architecture, engineering,...

North American construction technology trends

2017 survey of industry professionals reveals current uses and future plans. By David Budiac We speak with a wide range of contractors and construction companies to...

Fee and billing practices

By Tyler Thompson Zweig Group recently released its 2018 Fee & Billing Survey of AEC Firms, which offers clarity on the fee structures and billing...

Research identifies factors costing the construction industry more than $177 billion annually

PlanGrid shared results from a new industry research report administered in partnership with management consulting firm FMI Corporation of nearly 600 construction leaders about how teams spend their time on construction sites, communicate during projects and leverage their technology investments.

If you could easily associate application use to individual projects, would you?

Over the last ten years technology has provided numerous solutions and also added complexity to the role of the project manager in an AEC...

Cell Phones & Mobile Devices Spotlight

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HNTB compiles America THINKS 2016 survey results discussing Americans’ views on transportation

HNTB Corporation released a new compilation of America THINKS 2016 survey results. It highlights Americans’ views on U.S. transportation through three national surveys in 2016 that studied issues associated with funding and mobility, transit oriented development, congestion and tolling.

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