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3 Reasons Cloud Hosted Systems are More Secure Than You Think

Dismantling the Myth of Cloud Vulnerability A common misconception in the IT industry is that traditional on-premise systems are inherently more secure than those hosted...

Resiliency with Cold-Formed Steel

When Looking to Build a Structure that will Bounce Back from Catastrophe, CFS is the Answer By Greg Ralph Resiliency has become an oft-used buzzword in...

Jacobs Launches Campaign Highlighting Innovative Solutions to Critical World Challenges

A new campaign, themed #WhatIf, highlights Jacobs' work addressing complex issues of urbanization, water scarcity, climate change, digital proliferation and security.

Gannett Fleming expands security and safety services practice

Global infrastructure firm Gannett Fleming, Inc. expanded its Security and Safety Practice to meet the growing need to protect the country’s infrastructure.

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