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BESIX and Equans secure contract to Design and Build Tier III data centre in Belgium

BESIX and Equans secure contract to Design and Build Tier III data centre in Belgium

BESIX, in a temporary partnership with key MEP provider Equans, has been awarded a significant contract to design and construct a cutting-edge 40MVA data center in Neder-Over-Heembeek, Belgium, by KEVLINX.

KEVLINX is a leading provider of high-performance data centers, specifically targeted at large-scale enterprises, governments, and cloud companies in need of flexible colocation or dedicated wholesale space that must meet the highest standards in redundancy, security, and energy efficiency.

The scope of the contract for BESIX-Equans encompasses the design and construction of a state-of-the-art, turn-key data center. BESIX is responsible for the design and construction of the civil, structural, and architectural elements, while Equans will execute the design and installation of the MEP elements. The facility must adhere to internationally recognized accreditations and meet the stringent Tier III Uptime Institute standards. This means meticulous planning and implementation to ensure a high level of reliability and resilience in operations, with redundant components such as backup generators and multiple distribution paths in place to facilitate maintenance without disrupting critical operations.

“Equans has the unique expertise in designing, building, and securing IT spaces and has already furnished more than 30,000 m² of data center space. We act as a unique point of contact and we can also rely on the extensive experience within the Bouygues group to which Equans belongs,” explains Jeroen Derveaux, Department Manager DBFMO. “We take care of all the techniques, both inside and outside. From HVAC over cooling and power supply, fire and security installations and more. The Early Contractor Involvement and development phase with BESIX and KEVLINX have created maximum synergy and mutual trust between all parties involved throughout the project. Our internal Mechanical and Electrical departments, with their extensive know-how and expertise, also contribute to this smooth cooperation.”

The site will accommodate a total power availability of 40MVA, developed in two distinct phases with further expansion potential available on campus. BESIX is proud to be responsible for the first phase of this ambitious project.

Tom Cnudde, Business Development Director at BESIX Belgium-Luxembourg, commented, “This project, developed over several years, showcases BESIX’s unwavering commitment and expertise. We are proud to design and build infrastructure that meets the ever-growing digital demands of citizens and communities in close collaboration with our partners and clients. Data centers are highly complex infrastructure assets. Particularly important in this project are the specific design aspects such as ventilation, prevention of overheating, fire safety, acoustics and security. We rely on our teams’ vast experience in designing and constructing similar intricate projects to successfully deliver this critical asset.”

BESIX-Equans has started the works earlier this year.