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Remain Focused

Achieving Long-term Results in a Short-term World The latest data continues to reinforce a troubling trend – firms are spending less on longer term investments...

Solar-powered fabric a proven technology

Colin Touhey is CEO and Co-Founder of Pvilion. Pvilion is a developer of solar-powered fabric located in Brooklyn, NY with a commitment to high tech photovoltaic fabric...

Plan Sheets + Red Lines – April 2019

Au Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in trouble. Ex-Justice Minister and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould recently testified that Trudeau and his advisors...

Thomas & Hutton launches new website

Thomas & Hutton, a southeastern consulting, engineering, and planning firm, launched a revamped website featuring a deeper dive into the markets and services that the firm provides.

Hayward Baker’s calendar comes to life with AR app

Hayward Baker, Inc. (HBI) released Geotech Solutions, the first augmented reality (AR) app to be developed by a geotechnical construction firm. The app uses AR to visually demonstrate how HBI leverages the strengths of multiple techniques to provide clients with the optimal solutions for their projects.

Getting cooperation for marketing tasks

Every time we marketers have difficulty getting technical staff to participate in proposal development and related activities, we wonder why they don’t seem to...

Marketing and business development

Donald Trump has singlehandedly breathed life back into the “other social media app” — Twitter. The platform had gone stale. It loses money every...

Can you teach an old firm new tricks?

Across the AEC and environmental consulting industry, firms that have been around a long time get lulled into doing things the way they’ve always...

Project Profitability: Design firm project managers and marketing

Project managers can and should have a major role in a design firm's marketing effort. Unfortunately, many engineering and architectural firms fail to properly integrate their project managers into the marketing team.

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