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Major customer HZL helps with vaccination drive

A fine example of functioning cooperation even in difficult times comes from India. Hindustan Zinc (HZL) is currently generously inoculating not only its own...

Atlas Copco to acquire specialized vacuum systems and solutions provider based in Germany

Nacka, Sweden: Atlas Copco has agreed to acquire ARPUMA regel- und fördertechnische Geräte GmbH, known as Arpuma. The company is a highly specialized vacuum...

Helgolandkai: BIM Pilot Project in Port Construction

In Wilhelmshaven, Germany, a 130-year-old quay is once again writing engineering history as a BIM pilot project. Built between 1877 and 1886, Helgolandkai served for...

Modeling a city’s minuscule changes

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich are using satellite imagery and supercomputing to predict city buildings’ risks for structural degradation and damage. By using 3D models, computational scientists can create precise, static representations of a city.

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