Shineco, Inc. (“Shineco” or the “Company”; NASDAQ: SISI), a producer and distributor of Chinese herbal medicines, organic agricultural and other biotech products, announced that the Company’s controlling affiliate Changzhou Biowin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“CBP”), a Chinese biotechnology company focusing on in-vitro diagnostic product research and development (“R&D”) and high-tech biomedical products manufacturing, attended MEDICA 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 14 to 17, 2022. MEDICA 2022 is one of the world’s largest medical trade fair held annually for medical technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. With an exhibition area of more than 108,000 square meters, the trade fair attracts visitors and exhibitors from approximately 70 countries worldwide.

As the first public appearance after joining Shineco, Dr. Marvin Liu, the Chairman of CBP attended MEDICA 2022 with CBP team and displayed a number of innovative products, including COVID-19 home self-test and special testing products, monkeypox virus testing series products, cardiovascular testing and drug testing products, and the world’s leading stool sampling device that can complete stool sampling during the defecation process with intellectual property protection. The CBP team demonstrated its competitive strengths to experts, scholars, and partners in the field of medical testing globally. CBP’s innovative products and solutions attracted the attention of experts and potential customers.

Dr. Marvin Liu, commented: “With the capital and international resource advantages of Shineco, CBP has gained more opportunities to allow more and more people to understand and know CBP’s cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas worldwide. CBP will continue to provide better in vitro diagnostic products for the global market through continuous pursuit of technological innovation and high quality and bring greater value to shareholders.”