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75,000 deaths forecast for disastrous northern Haiti earthquake

A UNDP conference on the “Seismic Risk and Consequences for Northern Haiti and Vulnerable Schools” was held last week for stakeholders including the Haiti government, international agencies and the private sector.

Miyamoto International opens San Francisco office

Miyamoto International, a global earthquake + structural engineering firm, opened an office in San Francisco January 3. The firm has added seven offices globally in the past three years.

Why protect heritage structures?

At their greatest, architecture and engineering offer a meaningful representation of place, history, people, and culture.

Report calls for improved methods to assess earthquake-caused soil liquefaction

Several strong earthquakes around the world have resulted in a phenomenon called soil liquefaction, the seismic generation of excess porewater pressures and softening of granular soils, often to the point that they may not be able to support the foundations of buildings and other infrastructure. A new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine evaluates existing field, laboratory, physical model, and analytical methods for assessing liquefaction and its consequences.

Earthquake expert Lucy Jones, Ph.D., joins SAFEq Institute’s advisory board

Lucy Jones, Ph.D., has been a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and a Visiting Research Associate at the Seismological Laboratory of Caltech since 1983. She recently retired from the USGS after 33 years of federal service. and now plans to help officials develop science-based policies related to earthquakes, climate change, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

Structural Design Challenges in Haiti

On Jan. 12, 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the southwestern corner of the island of Hispanola, devastating the poorest nation in the western...

Wood-frame construction advantageous in areas prone to seismic activity

Some 1,400 years ago, tall wood-framed pagodas in Japan were built to 19 stories tall. In spite of the area's high seismic activity –...

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