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Carlson Unveils C-ALS Gyro

Carlson Software unveiled the new Cavity Auto-Scanning Laser System (C-ALS) Gyro as part of its Laser Measurement Devices (LMD) product division

Carlson Software releases Carlson iCAD 2019

Carlson Software’s specialized drafting package, Carlson iCAD 2019, has just been released. The software allows technicians to supplement the finished product in their project deliverables.

Carlson Software unveils Carlson PhotoCapture

Carlson Software's new Carlson PhotoCapture gives users the ability to generate interactive 3D maps of sites using aerial, oblique, or terrestrial images.

Carlson Software releases Precision 3D Hydro 2018

Carlson Software’s Precision 3D Hydro 2018 has been released. The dynamic design software provides users tools for rigorous, precise engineering in 3D, the company said.

Carlson Survey 2018 OEM released

The recently released Carlson Survey 2018 OEM comes with the AutoCAD 2018 OEM engine built-in. In this latest OEM version, Carlson Survey users gain the ability to directly read and write the current AutoCAD DWG-drawing file format.

Carlson Software introduces Carlson iCAD 2017

Carlson Software’s newest addition to its desktop software product line, Carlson iCAD 2017, has just been released. This specialized, yet low-cost IntelliCAD drafting package allows CAD technicians to augment the finishing touches in their organization’s deliverables.

Carlson Survey 2018 expands building footprint and 3D capabilities

Among the top improvements in Carlson Survey’s 2018 version are its new ability to place and prioritize building footprints on lots, the new Field-to-Finish Ramp Special Code, and its expanded 3D capabilities.

AEC TECH NEWS: Carlson Software adds point cloud viewing in free Precision 3D 2017...

Carlson Software released the 2017 version of its free Precision 3D Land XML viewer.

AEC TECH NEWS: Pinpoint author Greg Milner to keynote Carlson User Conference

The first time a Global Positioning System signal was received was in 1977. Now GPS is ubiquitous. In the introduction to his 2016 book Pinpoint — How GPS is changing technology, culture, and our minds, Greg Milner writes, “Nearly every spot on earth has a line of sight to at least four GPS satellites at all times.”

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