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Carlson Software releases Carlson iCAD 2019

Carlson Software releases Carlson iCAD 2019

Maysville, Ky. — Carlson’s specialized drafting package, Carlson iCAD 2019, has just been released. The software allows technicians to supplement the finished product in their project deliverables.

New additions and functions to the iCAD 2019 release are new tool palettes, new 3D solid commands, additional DGN support, and new express tools. iCAD features Google Earth import and export KML/KMZ, standard CAD entities, the drawing inspector tool and more.

Carlson iCAD 2019 has been built with and updated to IntelliCAD 9.0 engine from the previous IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) 8.3 release. IntelliCAD 9.0 supports direct read of DGN files allowing users to make edits without converting drawing formats and features a CUI interface for custom workspaces, toolbars, and ribbons.

During the 10 years that they have been a member of the ITC, Carlson Software has worked closely with the ITC to develop the Carlson office software programs to run with IntelliCAD. Carlson office software programs, which include Survey, Civil, Hydrology, Mining, GIS, Point Cloud, Field, Natural Regrade, Construction, GeoTech, CADnet and Trench, have come with IntelliCAD built-in since 2008, with the release of Carlson 2009 products.

For more information on Carlson iCAD 2019, visit  www.carlsonsw.com. For more information on IntelliCAD or the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, visit www.intellicad.org.