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A Window to a Greener World

How composite windows and doors can boost energy efficiency As part of the tenth annual World Green Building Week, which took place in September 2019,...

DragonPlate™ CFRP Components Improve Reliability of Climbing Robots

ITHACA, N.Y. — “Anyone can make a robot that moves along the ground or through the water, which is why we leave the easy stuff...

Innovative Materials: Carbon Fibers Made from Algae

Munich – In combination with granite or other types of hard rock, carbon fibers make possible all-new construction and building materials. Theoretical calculations show:...

Iowa State engineers work with Iowa DOT to scale up tests of heated pavement

Iowa State engineers are testing a bigger, smarter system of heated pavements at the Iowa Department of Transportation in Ames.

3D printing creates rapid construction potential

A residential and commercial tower under development in Brooklyn, N.Y., on the site of the former Domino Sugar Factory has its roots in research at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The tower’s white precast concrete façade evokes the form of a sugar crystal — a pattern created from 3D-printed molds.

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