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ASCENT Reveals 2021 Autodesk Courseware Roadmap

Over 50 New Titles to be released for Autodesk 2021 Software Including Self-Paced eLearning Courses Baltimore, MD — ASCENT recently released learning materials for core Autodesk 2021...

Autodesk Ushers in New Era of Connected Construction with Autodesk Construction Cloud

More than 50 new enhancements and powerful integrations unveiled across construction management solutions enable the construction industry to improve collaboration, reduce risk and increase...

Industry Experts Produce Comprehensive Collection of Autodesk Software Learning Guides with Over 60 Titles...

Baltimore, MD —  In conjunction with the Autodesk 2020 software releases, ASCENT Center for Technical Knowledge has released its fundamental guides for the core software titles: AutoCAD,...

Seek the skills you need

Ambitious engineers shouldn’t wait for permission or for a ready-made program. Effective career development is a process you define and execute, not one that the...

Energy-efficient hospital design

Enventure designed a modern hospital that consumes 10 percent less energy than a conventional hospital. Streamlined processes help meet time, cost, and quality requirements. The key...

Carlson Survey 2018 OEM released

The recently released Carlson Survey 2018 OEM comes with the AutoCAD 2018 OEM engine built-in. In this latest OEM version, Carlson Survey users gain the ability to directly read and write the current AutoCAD DWG-drawing file format.

AEC TECH NEWS: XPDRAINAGE 2017 provides automated stormwater design with CAD integration

XP Solutions’ XPDRAINAGE 2017 Automated Stormwater Design software helps users create fully optimized stormwater designs faster and now integrates with CAD packages.

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