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IMAGINiT Technologies Launches Clarity Cloud for Autodesk Revit Task Automation

IMAGINiT Technologies Launches Clarity Cloud for Autodesk Revit Task Automation

BALTIMORE, MD  — IMAGINiT Clarity Cloud, a custom-built SaaS solution, gives architecture, engineering and construction firms of all sizes the ability to harness the power of Clarity. Designed to eliminate upfront hardware and IT related costs, Clarity Cloud initially launches with specific task automation for Autodesk® Revit and AutoCAD in BIM 360 projects. Further features will be released in the near future, continuing to expand this subscription-based, time-saving solution.  

“Clarity Cloud is the perfect solution for small to mid-sized architectural firms and those looking to test drive the power of Clarity without burdening IT staff to approve or deploy hardware,” says Bill Zavadil, president, IMAGINiT Technologies. “This innovative offering is yet another example of our software development group creating products that enable employees to focus more time on strategic inputs instead of mundane, repetitive tasks. Clarity Cloud is not tied to a traditional software release schedule, thus we anticipate that this product will evolve quickly and more features will be added as the Autodesk Forge capabilities continue to expand.” 

This release of Clarity Cloud offers powerful tools that automate manual processes such as creating PDF sets, exporting DWG files, backing-up projects, creating datasheets for rooms, equipment and furniture and more. Simple, monthly subscription pricing also makes it easy to allocate costs to a specific project, eliminating general overhead and minimizing financial risk.   

To learn more about IMAGINiT Clarity Cloud, visit www.imaginit.com/claritycloud or talk to an IMAGINiT expert at 1-800-356-9050. For an overview of all of Clarity Cloud’s features, join Matt Mason, IMAGINiT’s director of software solutions on June 29, 2021 at 1:00pm Eastern for an exclusive webinar. Attendance is free, but registration is required