Matterport digital twins enables firm to substantially cut costs and reduce project delays by harnessing the power of digitization in construction

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, announced that Swinerton, a California-based construction firm, uses Matterport to significantly reduce costs associated with project delays and travel to sites by staff, stakeholders and clients. By capturing digital twins of projects throughout the construction process, Swinerton can visually document site conditions in a photorealistic and dimensionally accurate way. This enables teams to remotely oversee construction progress, and precisely measure spaces without the need to be there in person.

By using Matterport, Swinerton has reduced the need for architects, mechanics, electricians, and plumbers to travel by up to 50 percent. This also reduces the number of people on a job site, thereby increasing on-site efficiency and decreasing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) risks.

By integrating digital twins into their workflow, Swinerton has almost eliminated travel time and associated costs for clients, saving them thousands of dollars. In addition, regular visual updates and digital walkthroughs provide clients a sense of ownership and peace of mind throughout the project timeline.

“We’ve only become more effective because of Matterport. Two-dimensional blueprints and plans don’t give a sense of how a space will come together the way Matterport digital twins do,” says Rachel Kurth, Assistant Project Manager for Special Projects at Swinerton. “We guide clients through digital twins of spaces so that they don’t have to travel to the site, resolving issues by the next day. We shaved four weeks off a recent project using this approach. It’s been a game-changer for our company and our industry.”

The Matterport platform also allows Swinerton team members to communicate more efficiently with each other and stakeholders as soon as new site conditions arise. Thanks to its integration with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, they can remotely resolve issues and Requests For Information (RFIs) flagged within digital twins with Notes or Mattertags. Swinerton can log those issues or RFIs and track them until they’re resolved, expediting overall project timelines which translates to cost savings and faster payment.

Because job sites are captured in such a precise way with Matterport, Swinerton teams can digitally measure spaces just as accurately and much more quickly with the Measurement Mode tool than traditional hand-measurement methods. Plus, the digital twin is accessible by the entire project team anytime, anywhere, eliminating the time and cost associated with in-person visits. They can also quickly calculate procurement quantities and cost projections with the same tool.

“Everything we would ever need a conventional site visit to accomplish, such as taking measurements or making calculations, we can accomplish virtually with Matterport,” says Spencer Jarrett, Project Engineer at Swinerton. “Sharing the Matterport data with our client gave them confidence that we were on track. The ability to exchange ideas so quickly enabled us to complete this construction project in six months instead of a year.”

Matterport digital twins also help Swinerton plan ahead and reduce mistakes, saving time and money. By scanning a site in stages as it’s constructed, the company avoids potential costly issues that might arise later, such as accidentally puncturing electrical and plumbing lines, should they ever need to cut into finished walls to address changing project conditions. Swinerton also uses Matterport for more frequent, efficient client collaboration, replacing activities such as bimonthly onsite walk-throughs with detailed, weekly updates featuring digital twins.

“Matterport redefines efficiency and productivity for AEC. Through the power of our photorealistic, dimensionally accurate digital twins, users can organize, analyze, and store critical information regarding a building site throughout the entirety of its life cycle at the touch of a button,” said Stephanie Lin, Senior Director of Business Strategy at Matterport. “This allows expert practitioners like Swinerton to streamline more repetitive tasks such as return site visits and reallocate hours previously spent on site documentation and coordination to higher ROI activities such as accelerating construction schedules.”