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Svigals + Partners Leverages Small Space for Big Impact in Private Equity Firm’s Downtown New Haven Workplace

Svigals + Partners Leverages Small Space for Big Impact in Private Equity Firm’s Downtown New Haven Workplace

Finding creative solutions and converting a compact space into a dynamic, inspiring environment aligned with the client’s vision was the goal for Svigals + Partners’ latest workplace project for Rubicon Technology Partners. The new space provides flexibility, performance, and support for the company’s team in a surprisingly constrained but central downtown New Haven location, according to architecture, art, and advisory firm Svigals + Partners. 

Known nationally for inspiring workplace environments, Svigals + Partners has announced the completion of the lean, innovative, 2,100-square-foot office, which consolidates Rubicon’s regional operations into a single cohesive workplace on Chapel Street. The second-floor office overlooks Yale University’s Old Campus, optimizing limited floor area to integrate touch-down desks, a ten-foot coffee bar, and a casual meeting lounge in addition to four private offices, open workstations, conference room, and kitchen, say the architects.

“Harmonizing a balance between functional needs and open, spirited spaces allowed us to create a highly connected work atmosphere,” says ptner Chris Bockstael, AIA. “By creating several areas for independent work and meetings, Rubicon’s team has best-choice options for heads-down work, plus formal and casual collaborations, an important aspect of the company’s people-oriented culture.” 

According to Bockstael, Rubicon’s Denver headquarters provided the inspiration for the modern, industrial design, an aesthetic characterized by exposing structural brick walls, ductwork, and roof structure. Large windows along the street front allow for dramatic daylighting, while interior glass doors and partitions carry light throughout the space, expand the volume of the compact footprint, and act as a symbolic interpretation of the firm’s transparency-based ethos. The modern approach is furthered by areas where walls don’t reach the ceiling, a design element that also contributes to office’s open feel. Designed as the office showcase, the front conference room overlooking the Yale University campus features an airy, ceiling cloud that expresses the volume of the space. 

Flooring is primarily wood-look LVT, except in the private offices where carpeting adds softness and improves the acoustical qualities of the space. For additional character, custom furniture accents draw on a maroon-centered color palette aligned with Rubicon’s brand identity.

Leading the project team, Svigals + Partners provided key services including programming, architectural and interior design. The company worked in collaboration with key consultants General Drafting & Design engineering, general contractor GRID Building, and lighting representative firm Illuminate.