The Holcim Foundation announced the launch of its second awards competition for sustainable construction projects and an international symposium. The Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2007, to be held in Shanghai, China, April 19-21, will focus on “Urban_Trans_Formation.” It is expected to attract international experts in architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, and natural and social sciences, as well as representatives from business and government.

The Holcim Awards recognize contributions to sustainable construction, irrespective of scale, in architecture, landscape and urban design, civil and mechanical engineering, and related disciplines. The second cycle of the Holcim Awards competition will open June 1, 2007, and remain open until Feb. 29, 2008, for all construction projects in an advanced stage of design; construction may not have started before June 1, 2007.

According to the Holcim Foundation, the $2 million competition celebrates innovative, future-oriented, and tangible sustainable construction projects from around the globe. More details about the competition will be announced later in the year.

The Foundation recently published a commemorative book on the first Holcim Awards competition and a booklet on the target issues for sustainable construction, which show practical examples of sustainable construction. The large-format, 200-page book on the first Holcim Awards provides a snapshot of the global state of sustainable construction. The book is available from the Holcim Foundation for $40, or can be downloaded in sections (PDF files) for free at

Also available is a 60-page booklet that explains the five target issues of the Holcim Foundation, which provide the basis for judging entries in the Holcim Awards competition for sustainable construction projects:

  • quantum change and transferability;
  • ethical standards and social equity;
  • ecological quality and energy conservation;
  • economic performance and compatibility; and
  • contextual and aesthetic impact.

The booklet provides examples of each issue with reference to Holcim’s head office building in Costa Rica. According to the Holcim Foundation, the target issues more broadly highlight important criteria for increased sustainability performance of the built environment.