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Sustainability and LEED 2009 courses online

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) will host its first full-length online course in April. Concrete’s Role in Sustainable Development will begin Monday, April 6 and consist of four, two-hour sessions on four consecutive Mondays.

Ready mixed concrete professionals need to prepare themselves for the change from LEED 2.2 to the new LEED 2009 rating system taking place in March. This online course will help participants understand and prepare for LEED 2009 by covering important aspects of sustainability, including energy conservation, water conservation, and waste reduction. Attendees will learn the environmental attributes of concrete and how concrete can contribute to LEED 2009 certification. In addition, this course makes the business case for concrete producers to improve their operations to meet their customers’ demand for environmentally friendly products and services. Course attendees will also earn their Certified Concrete Sustainability Specialist designation after completing the course and passing the exam.

"NRMCA is responding to our members’ needs by offering courses online in addition to our extensive traditional classroom and webinar offerings. Sustainable development, with emphasis on the new LEED 2009 standard, is an ideal topic for our first full-length online course because it’s such a growing area of interest," states Erin Ashley, NRMCA’s senior director of sustainable construction.

For course details and registration information, visit www.nrmca.org.