Surface Integrity Institute Launched to Preserve and Disseminate Surface Integrity and Enhancement Research Thousands of publications are available

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Cincinnati, OH – An online archive containing nearly a century of surface integrity and surface enhancement research is now available to scholars and researchers worldwide.
The Surface Integrity Institute, sponsored by Lambda Technologies Group of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been created to maintain, share, and grow a collection of thousands of publications, case studies, and research reports related to surface integrity and surface enhancement. The purpose of the institute is to preserve and disseminate this valuable information to benefit current and future generations of researchers.
“Surface integrity and surface enhancement impact life in ways most people don’t realize,” said Paul Prevéy, CEO and Director of Engineering at Surface Enhancement Technologies, LLC, a division of Lambda Technologies Group. “It’s critical to modern machining and manufacturing, preventing fatigue failure or stress corrosion cracking in critical components of major engineering systems.”
The Surface Integrity Institute includes valuable surface integrity studies performed throughout the 20th century, highlighting the effects of machining and other manufacturing processes on component performance. These early studies focused on the surface properties for a range of alloys, including surface roughness, hardness, residual stress distribution, phase transformations, microstructure, and resulting component performance.
There is no cost to register to become a Surface Integrity Institute member and no cost to download materials from the archive. However, donations are appreciated to help fund the Institute’s work. The Institute adds new papers regularly, and researchers are invited to submit original works to the archive at