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Superior Construction Unveils New Brand Identity, Celebrates 85th Anniversary

<strong>Superior Construction Unveils New Brand Identity, Celebrates 85th Anniversary</strong>

Superior Construction, an American family-owned infrastructure contractor, is unveiling the latest evolution of the Superior brand identity as the company celebrates its 85th year in business. The milestone year and new visual identity come on the heels of a record-breaking year of success in 2022.

The newly adapted visual identity retains the company’s iconic red color and name while featuring a modern typeface and a horizontal bar representing the company’s focus on horizontal construction, including roads, bridges and other infrastructure. The horizontal bar also alludes to the company’s long history, while the slight angle of the lettering conveys motion, reflecting Superior’s transportation work and forward-thinking culture. 

In addition to the refreshed visual identity, the company is formalizing a longtime rallying cry: “This is Superior Construction.” A play on the company’s name, the tagline will be used to showcase Superior’s advanced business methods and innovative approaches to building complex infrastructure projects. 

“While it’s been 85 years since Superior Construction became an entity, this also marks 100 years since my family first started in the construction industry and established what would eventually become Superior Construction,” said CEO and owner Nick Largura. “What’s remained true over the years is our family-first, people-oriented culture.”

In addition, Superior will be holding companywide events for employees and promoting its mission, vision and values, which were officially developed late last year.

“Given our company’s recent successes and effective expansion into new markets, this milestone year, we thought it was time to put down in writing what has always made this company special,” Largura said. “By formally adopting a set of objectives, aspirations and principles, we are renewing our commitment to our customers, our communities and each other.”

After soliciting employee feedback across all divisions and conducting in-depth interviews with key leaders throughout the company, Superior identified its core values as family, safety, integrity, innovation, commitment and empowerment. 

“There’s a common perception that a company’s mission, vision and values have to originate at the top and trickle down,” Largura said. “While there can be value in this, just announcing ‘this is who we are’ doesn’t foster a meaningful company culture. That’s why we’ve been taking an organic, bottom-to-top approach.”

Named ENR Southeast’s Contractor of the Year in 2018 and one of the Jacksonville Business Journal’s fastest-growing companies in 2022, Superior is readying for even more growth. With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Superior is poised to rebuild many of the roads and bridges that Largura’s father and grandfather built after World War II, when the U.S. Interstate Highway System was born. 

“Our business has always been about building community by investing in people and connecting families,” Largura said. “We’ve been delivering on that promise for decades because of our ability to adapt to evolutionary change and shifting markets, all while remaining true to the foundational values of our family-owned company.”