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STV/JLP to provide on-call engineering service for MetroLink

Orange, Calif. — J.L. Patterson & Associates, Inc. (JLP), a civil, trackwork, environmental and structural engineering firm, announced that the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) Board awarded a contract worth up to $10 million with Metrolink to provide on-call professional engineering design services. JLP will collaborate with STV, Inc. in a joint venture to provide various Metrolink capital and rehabilitation transportation projects in Southern California over a three-year period.

Potential projects might include grade crossing safety improvement, rehabilitation of track and structures, mainline track and siding extensions, station construction and expansions, Los Angeles Union Station reconstruction to accommodate high speed rail, grade separations, Perris Valley Line expansions, Redlands First Mile extensions, Raymer to Bernson Double Track and third-party projects.

“Metrolink has several noteworthy projects in the pipeline and we are gratified to have the chance to work with them to fulfill their project goals,” says JLP President, Jacqueline Patterson. “We are thrilled to continue our involvement with the Metrolink system and provide better transportation solutions to the citizens of Southern California.”