Oakland, Calif. — STV’s work on the Laney College Facilities Master Plan received an Award of Excellence in the Master Planning category of the 2014 Community College Facility Coalition (CCFC) Professional Design Awards Program.

Laney College, located in urban Oakland and part of the Peralta Community College District, was designed in the 1970s with an inward focus, purposely cut off from nearby amenities and surrounding neighborhoods, which was in line with the urban design and instructional practices of the time. 

The new Facilities Master Plan (FMP) creates a roadmap for development in sync with the 2010 Laney College Educational Master Plan, which aims to open the campus up to the community and encourage students to successfully pursue their educational goals. The plan was created through a collaborative process led by the Laney Facilities Planning Committee, which included the college president, faculty, administration, students, community members, facilities and sustainability staff, maintenance and operations staff, IT staff and local district leadership.

STV is promoting a community environment in the FMP through several key design features, including a west entry with an art garden that opens up to the nearby Oakland Museum of California for joint programs, a larger green quad with views and access to the adjacent Merritt Channel Estuary, and athletic facilities that can be used for community events. The FMP also creates additional entry points that are distinct and recognizable, and locates community oriented buildings at campus anchor points. Art and sculpture pieces will be located along walkways and within smaller gardens and courtyards throughout the campus, uniting the college and providing additional learning opportunities.